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Where do you deliver to?

How much does delivery cost?

Our products are large so the cost of delivery depends on the amount of product ordered and the delivery destination. These costs can be viewed during the checkout process. Large and bulky items often require forklifts to move them. Please understand that there is a cost associated with this, which is why we charge what we do for delivery.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery is usually within 5 business days.

Can I track my order?

No, unfortunately we do not currently provide tracking information for deliveries.

Can I change my delivery address after my order has been placed?

It may be possible if you contact us within 24 hours of placing your order.

Where will you deliver on my property?

LUTUM asks that all customers provide information in regards to where the product should be placed. This can be provided during the checkout process, or by contacting us. If this information has not been specified by the time of the delivery or if the specified location is unsafe then the delivery driver will use their best judgement when delivering the product. This will often be on a driveway or other safe location on the premises. If there is no available space, LUTUM will attempt to contact you for further instructions or deliver at another time. Charges may apply.

What if no one is home for the delivery?

If you are not going to be home for the delivery, please contact us and provide delivery instructions. We will endeavour to follow your delivery instructions . However, if you have not provided detailed delivery instructions and someone is not present at the time of delivery, the delivery driver will use their best judgement when delivering the product.

Can you deliver to me on a requested day?

Orders for a specific day can only be delivered within a 5 day window, providing we have received sufficient notice. Our drivers will attempt to contact you approximately one hour before the delivery is due to arrive.

Is my personal and payment information at risk?

No. We value and respect your privacy and always ensure your details are never released to any other party. No payment information or credit card details are stored on our website for your security.

Things you should consider before placing your order

Will I be home for the delivery? If you will not be home to accept the delivery, please provide clear delivery instructions explaining where to leave the product. You can provide this information during the checkout process or by contacting us.

Is the delivery location on the main road? If the delivery location is on the main road you may require traffic control. It is the responsibility of the customer to organise and pay for this resource. If you need assistance in acquiring traffic control please contact us.

Is the location safe? Is there appropriate and safe access for the driver to enter the premises and leave the product? If there are any safety precautions that the driver should know about please contact us.

Other things you should consider:

  • Steepness of driveway (is it safe for truck and forklift access)

  • Is there adequate street parking for the truck without obstructing traffic?

  • Are there any obstructions (such as trees or vehicles) that will prevent safe delivery?

  • If the product is placed in the driveway will car access be affected?

  • Will the driver need to deposit over a fence or wall (need for Hiab truck)? Is this an option?


Processes we go through when we deliver:

Safety is our number one priority. If it is not safe we simply won’t proceed. Please note that if a delivery cannot be completed because the job site is unsafe then redelivery will result in additional costs for the customer.

We are unable to leave the product on the verge without your consent. If no one is home to assist with the delivery, and we have not been provided with any information, then our drivers will make a judgement based on their experience in regards to the most appropriate location to leave the product.

We can’t provide an exact time for delivery but our drivers will do their best to contact you approximately one hour before the delivery is due to arrive Please ensure that if you will not be home to accept the delivery that you provide clear instructions for the driver explaining where to leave the product. This information can be provided during the check-out process or by contacting us.

What is LUTUM Refunds and Returns Policy?

Change of Mind If you have changed your mind and you can provide satisfactory proof of purchase; LUTUM may offer an exchange or refund provided the product:

  • Is returned within 14 days
  • Accompanied by an original invoice (no photocopies accepted) and photo ID
  • Is in saleable condition
  • Is unused and is in its original packaging, and makes up a full pallet

For refunds associated with over ordering the following will apply:

  • -25% restocking fee
  • $150.00 collection fee will apply if the product needs to be collected by LUTUM

The excess must make up a full pallet

If you are unable to provide proof of purchase, LUTUM reserves the right not to offer a refund for a change of mind and may in its absolute discretion provide you with an exchange for the current value provided the product:

  • Is in saleable condition
  • Is unused and is in its original packaging, and makes up a full pallet
  • We can verify that the item was originally purchased from LUTUM

Consumer Guarantees

As a consumer, you are entitled to a remedy under Australian Consumer Law with respect to products purchased from LUTUM. In accordance with that law, if the product has a major fault/failure you may reject the product and seek a refund or exchange. You may also keep the product and seek compensation for any drop in the value of the product.

Return Tender

Refunds will be issued using your original payment method. If a debit or credit card was used, then the cardholder and the same card must be present to complete the transaction.

Delivery Locations

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Picking Up Product from a LUTUM Yard

Pick-up times:

  • NSW – Pick-up is available from our yards from 8:00am – 2:00pm Monday – Friday.
  • VIC – Pick-up is available from our yards from 8:30am – 3:00pm Monday – Friday.
  • SA – Pick-up is available from our yards from 7:00am – 3:00pm Monday – Friday.

Please contact us before picking up your order to ensure we can have it ready for you and make any necessary arrangements.

* Please note: any customer entering a LUTUM yard MUST wear fully enclosed footwear.

Pick-up loading information: 
Due to weight and loading restrictions, your standard garden trailer may not be suitable to pick up the product from our yards. If your trailer is not marked with load specifications you can only load a maximum of half a pallet of roof tiles.

Compliance plates will dictate load limits of trailers. If there are no compliance plates our staff will advise loading options.

Vehicle Loading Restrictions:
Load restrictions and regulations also limit the amount of product we are allowed to loose load into vehicles. Approved safety barriers may be required. Please check with Customer Service for further details. Further restrictions may apply.

  • Loose load quantity limits

  • Size of load versus towing capacity

  • Suitability of trailer/vehicle to safely carry the load

  • Correct use of containment and restraining devices

  • Trailers without brakes or compliance plates will be restricted in their loading capacity

In the interests of safety, we will only load vehicles that comply with the above. Please contact Customer Service for further information.

Pallets – Pick-up:
Most products are packaged on pallets. We do not require a pallet deposit but we do ask that you return all pallets to our roofing yard or contact us to arrange a pallet pick-up. If you are picking up the product, and the quantity is under half a pallet, (depending on your product) we may allow loose loading of product to your vehicle or trailer. Conditions apply.

Can I track my order?

What is LUTUM's Refund and Returns Policy?

For refunds associated with over ordering the following will apply:

Consumer Guarantees

Return Tender

Working at heights is very dangerous and can cause fatal injuries. Always engage a skilled, qualified and licenced tradesperson to walk and work on your roof. If you have any work to be performed on your roof, please ensure the following instructions are given to the tradesperson.​

Working on your roof
  1. avoid stepping on any tiles that are broken or appear to have been damaged
  2. ensure they cease walking on the roof if tiles in the area they are working are brittle or break underfoot
  3. replace (not silicone or repair) any broker or damaged tiles

The Australian Roofing Tile Association created this guide that visually conveys the dos and don’ts in regard to walking on flat tiled roofs.

Please note that incorrect maintenance and treatment of our roof may not be covered by our warrant. Any damages caused by trades or traffic to the roof are not covered by a warranty and all repairs are chargeable.