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LUTUM Solar Roof

LUTUM Solar Roof

Complete your home with a LUTUM Solar Roof, the best in the UK roof system and the only fully warrantied roof and solar system protecting your roof from leaks by sitting flush.

With LUTUM, you get a 'one-stop-shop' for roofing, solar and electrical installation needs. A single source to deal with makes it super easy.

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Easy and safe to install with new roofs in roof system panels fixed directly to battens, trusses and rafters

Fire Rating

AA accredited with the highest resistance to spread of flame and fire penetration on Internationally recognised standards.

Hail tested

Tested and passed hail test where ice balls of ø25mm were fired at the glass surface at 23m/s


Our solar panels are designed to be compatible with all inverters, ensuring seamless integration and maximum energy efficiency.

LUTUM Solar Roof

Trusted Roof Experts for over 50 years

We are one of the largest roofing manufacturers and installers and serving Australia’s building industry for over 50 years.

With our considerable experience and expertise, we promise that you can rely on us to instal your LUTUM solar roof to the highest standards as well as ensure that your solar roof seamlessly integrates with your roof.

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