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Sustainability and Embodied Energy

Energy Efficiency & Thermal Performance

LUTUM roof tiles inherently possess excellent thermal properties and are extremely effective temperature regulators which help maintain cooler internal temperatures in hot climates. It is achieved due to the density of LUTUM roof tiles which provide a high level of emittance that can radiate heat more effectively. This can minimise your reliance on internal cooling devices allowing you to use considerably less energy and also providing big economical savings.

Embodied Energy

According to the continuous research conducted by the University of Melbourne (2019), roof tiles have lower associated embodied energy compared to sheet metal. The difference in the amount of associated embodied energy required for a steel roof compared to concrete can be translated to the amount of gas supply for an average house for three years.*


To identify levels of associated embodied energy, factors such as longevity, transportation and wastage should be considered. All LUTUM roof tiles are manufactured in Australia from locally sourced materials, proven to be resilient for decades and utilised with minimal wastage at the end of their lifecycle making them more sustainable than other roofing options.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

The reuse of a material lengthens its lifecycle and preserves associated embodied energy. Unlike sheet metal, roof tile can be reused by taking them from one roof and installing them on another one. This can save about 95% of embodied energy required to produce a brand-new roof.


Recycling roof tiles is also very eco-friendly as they do not use heavy energy-consuming processes such as blasting or melting. Therefore reducing the embodied energy associated with disposal.*


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